How we work
    • Standards Of Excellence
    • Process – Full & Part Time Engagement
    • Relationship
    • What We Look For In Clients
Standards Of Excellence

We offer an unrivalled service when it comes to focusing on your business and making sure your needs are met. From; designing a new company logo or marketing and branding strategy to creating a superior web presence that can take your company to the next level, we work alongside your key decision makers to ensure a collaborative outcome that encompasses your core vision, mission and values.


Full Engagement is usually a long-term process, suitable for clients wanting to thoroughly re-assess their brands and/or introduce a new project or services to the market. It encompasses the full range of services we offer.

Part engagement is usually a short-term process, where we undertake set projects within an agreed time-frame. This suits clients who need a website, brochure, logo or a combination of pre-agreed items.

One-off work is the shortest service we offer, but keeping our doors open for any follow up work needed by that same client. This type of engagement is typically for a one off website or brochure for a client’s marketing material.



We have different types of relationships depending on the type of engagement we have with the client.

With a full engagement, we are integrated with our clients company. This allows for a much deeper understanding of one another and allows for a smoother workflow. This works well with complex and/or large projects.

With a part engagement, we would be working side by side rather than integration. This works best for smaller sized projects with fewer complexities.

For collaboration in Project Management, Design, Prototyping and Workflow Management as well as individual responsibilities, we work using:
JIRA, ASNA and InVision. This allows us to track all job tickets and tasks as well as time tracking each and every task.



Here at Platinum Designs, we are on the lookout for forward-thinking companies with a firm drive to development towards the future. We have worked with major media companies, financial companies to online printers as well as smaller businesses. We like to work with driven individuals and create designs and projects together that will have a lasting benefit on our clients business as well as the marketplace they derive from.

Never stop thinking about what’s next and always enjoy what you do!







Closing Statement

When a creative organization and its clients share the same values the results are outstanding. If you share our passion for excellence and you believe that trust and transparency are the determining factors of success, and one where the key challenges lies in an organisation’s ability to secure loyal customers – then look no further.